Pile foundation / Deep Foundation / Pile testing expert company in Surat, Gujarat, India

“Our goal is to outperform more than client’s expectations”

We are one of the leading pile foundation and pile testing services Provider Company in Surat, Gujarat, India. Grimtech is offering high quality pile foundation design, piling foundation, pile testing and pile load testing services for our clients in local and national market. We give best solutions for pile foundation & pile testing service in within least possible time. We handle small and large projects with the same level of perfection and precision. We are fully staffed to coordinate project details with our customers, and their design teams in a furnished approach to maximize project efficiency, and profitability. In the Last 10 years our company has shown tremendous growth because of good quality as well as customer support. We are well equipped with latest piling and load testing which are required for all piling works. Our experience and cleverness make us the industry leader.

Our Core Products

  • Pile Foundation Work
  • Pile Foundation Design
  • Piling Foundation services
  • Pile Testing services

Our Team

We have a Qualified and highly experienced engineer’steam. Our professional team have wide experience in Pile foundation work, deep foundation, Pile foundation design, Piling foundation, pile testing and piling testing. Professional manner that exists in our team becomes the benchmark for our relationships with our clients. Our pile specialized team is capable of analyzing the geo-technical investigation results to arrive at an economical and sound design for pile foundation works. We advocate training and development for all members of our team. We are able to provide a first class service and delivery to all of our valued clients.

Our portfolio of structures includes:

  • High-rise and Low-rise residential buildings
  • Apartments, Mansions and Villas
  • Fly over Bridges
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Industrial plants
  • Commercial complexes
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Medical institutions
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Typical Civil Structure Works
  • Road Works (Cement, Concrete and Bituminous Works)
  • Health care and Wellness
  • Public Buildings
  • Corporate Office
  • Retail Mall
  • Parking
  • Aquatics
  • Government building
  • Other Specialty Structures

Safety at Grimtech project work

Grimtech – Pile Foundation expert, is committed to expanding our knowledge and experience in safety, quality, and job execution, through our comprehensive safety program for pile foundation and piles testing projects. We have an extensive fleet of well-maintained cranes, drill rigs, and associated pile driving & Piles testing equipment are thoroughly maintained and we continue to extend our dedication to safety continue to help our clients meet their pile foundation project goals year after year. Grimtech will help make your project a success.

Safety is one of the core values driving our company towards realizing our vision of becoming the contractor of choice for Pile foundation construction in India. Our employees are our most valuable resource. We invest in the safety, health, development and training of our workforce to ensure that we attract and retain the most capable individuals. We committed to conducting business in a manner that projects and promotes the safety and health of our employees.

Why Grimtech

Grimtech group is a name of qualified highly experienced and expert foundation engineers who earned the fame and appreciation by working very hard and formed by sedimentation process i.e., layer by layer of experience, around you, around years and around the country.

We successfully completed over a billion meter length of piles of thousands of challenging structures at several hundred places comprising of every type of Geological condition in a span of three decades. Therefore, we are a strata possessing perfect molecular structure with enough cohesion, highest penetration value without foliage, a highly weathered, reliable group, and so could be trusted to bear safely the load of responsibilities of any finest industrial monuments on a roughest, unfavorable and unfriendly site conditions.

Strength and Speed are achieved only when you know your job well, have sufficient resources, machinery, manpower, enthusiastic team and hard will to achieve your target and finally Saving Time, Money by virtue of our experience, endurance & excellence. It is our passion and profession.

  • We have completed en-number of projects in successful manner.
  • We undertake lime piling works for residential and commercial constructions.
  • We have completed number of projects and given them booming end
  • We have gained a very good reputation by providing high quality service at competitive prices.

Risk Management Program – RMP at Grimtech

  • Accident Prevention Program
  • Management & Supervisory Awareness
  • Dedicated and Trained Employees

If you require any further information, please feel free to Contact Us Our prompt response is assured.


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Specialist Awards – Pile Foundation Business Growth Award Winner

              Pile Foundation and Pile Testing Business

New offices and precast concrete facility up and running.

Almost a year to the day since we commenced work on our new offices, workshops and precast concrete facility at Kirkby in Ashfield, we are pleased to announce that all works are complete and our staff are settling in well in their new home. This expansion in addition to our head office facility at nearby Pinxton, has enabled us to not only improve the working environment for our staff, but also to allow us to realise our ambitions for expansion over the next 10 years.

Our new precast facility will allow us to increase production of our Smartfoot modular foundation system by over 70% and manufacture innovative precast products that our R&D Team have in the pipeline. These are exciting times for the Group in this, our 30th anniversary year, and we will be making more exciting announcements in the coming weeks, so watch this space!!

Pile Foundation, Piling foundation services, Pile Foundation work

Pile foundation, Pile testing, Pile foundation work, Pile testing services, Pile testing expert, Piling foundation work, Piles foundation services, Pile foundations design, Pile testing Company

Construction News Awards Specialist Contractor of the Year Winner

Van Elle’s financial results, service growth, investments and reputation was last night endorsed by being announced as the 2013 Construction News Specialist Contractor of the Year. As the largest and most prestigious industry awards and surrounded by many clients and suppliers alike, going up to collect our trophy was a very proud moment and a testament to everyone involved in the projects on which we have worked. Everyone at Van Elle is extremely proud that their hard work and dedication to improving sustainability, innovation and value engineering in the industry has been recognised in this way and it is a real motivator to keep on outperforming the sector in preparation for next years’ awards.

The judges commented “A specialist ground engineering company with a clearly defined vision and strategy. Van Elle’s approach to behavioural safety, training and their pragmatic problem-solving ethos sets it apart from others in this sector helping it to punch well above its weight”.

Van Elle invest in new plant and equipment

We have taken delivery of a new Llamade P105TT piling rig. This rig is for the execution of continuous flight auger piles (CFA) or displacement piles of maximum 24m depth and diameters between Ø350mm and Ø800mm.

Van Elle invest in new plant and equipment

To support our investment of a number of new rigs and types of equipment including the Soilmec R625, 2 No. D1004s, 2 No. Movax SG50V side-grip vibrating hammers, 2 No. BSP top driven hammers, a Llamada P-105TT and others, we have recently taken delivery of 11 new 750 and 500 Schwing pumps and 3 new concrete drums. Further investments are planned in the near future enabling us to widen the gap between our ability and that of our competitors to undertake projects quickly, safely and more sustainably.

Click for more http://www.van-elle.co.uk/News/

Visit our websites : pilefoundation.net



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Pile Foundation / Pile Foundation Construction / Pile foundations Design / Piling Foundation

                Pile foundations are one of the types of deep foundations

We are specialist in all types of pile foundation, Load testing and Soil Investigations. We provide our services in all over India. We have a strong and close team, the friendly but professional manner that exists in our team becomes the benchmark for our relationships with our clients.

We are working on below Projects

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings

Pile Foundation Construction

Pile foundations are used to support the weight of the building on top of them and also to transfer part of the weight of the building to the surrounding soil. A pile foundation is classified as a deep foundation as the piles (also known as piers) are sunk deep into the soil in order to provide more support and stability. They are used when the soil on which the building stands is soft, silty or clayey. By sinking the foundations down past the softer, less stable surface layers of soil, the foundations can find a strong substrate (such as rock). Pile foundations are also used when the foundations are required to carry a very heavy load, or when there are certain site constraints.

How Pile Foundations Work

Pile foundations can be made from different materials such as timber, steel, reinforced concrete, or pre-tensioned concrete. The piles are pipe shaped and are driven into the ground using a pile driver or a shaft is drilled into the ground which is then filled with concrete. The piles are connected by a pile cap and the pile caps themselves are connected by beams made from reinforced concrete. The beams and the pile caps are placed where there are load bearing walls. In essence, the walls rest on the beams and pile caps, and their weight is transferred to the piles, which in turn transfer the load to the surrounding soils.

Pile foundations are only used When

  • There is a high water table
  • Removal costs for the excavated material are expensive
  • Soils such as clay are likely to swell or shrink excessively due to water content
  • Trenches are not very stable and health and safety is an issue

 Pile foundations Design in India

Foundations provide support for structures, transferring their load to layers of soil or rock that have sufficient bearing capacity and suitable settlement characteristics. There are a very wide range of foundation types suitable for different applications, depending on considerations such as:

  • The nature of the load requiring support.
  • Ground conditions.
  • The presence of water.
  • Accessibility.
  • Sensitivity to noise and vibration.

Piling & Foundation work in Surat, Gujarat, India

We install piling ranging in diameter on open sites and in areas with restricted access foundations. For varying ground conditions piling may be driven cased, pre-cast concrete, augered or drilled and in particularly difficult conditions.

You will benefit from our working relationship in many ways:

  • Low or zero mobilisation costs.
  • Speed of work and flexibility of work scheduling.
  • Minimal disruption in continuous process working environments.
  • Noise and vibration control.
  • Health & Safety compliance.
  • Bespoke working methods for specific conditions.

Piling Foundation  substructure

The development of new structures, both commercial and residential, has traditionally been an integrated process. At All Foundations, we provide a seamless operation from the initial concept to the completion of all substructure works. Every foundations proposal and quotation will be tailor made to your requirements.

Our other products

  • Pile Testing
  • Dynamic Pile Testing
  • PIT testing
  • Pile integrity testing (pit)



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Pile Foundation / Deep foundation work in Surat, Gujarat, India

Pile Foundation / Deep foundation work and Services

There are many reasons a geotechnical engineer would recommend a deep foundation over a shallow foundation, but some of the common reasons are very large design loads, a poor soil at shallow depth, or site constraints (like property lines). There are different terms used to describe different types of deep foundations including the pile (which is analogous to a pole), the pier (which is analogous to a column), drilled shafts, and caissons. Piles are generally driven into the ground in situ; other deep foundations are typically put in place using excavation and drilling. The naming conventions may vary between engineering disciplines and firms. Deep foundations can be made out of timber, steel, reinforced concrete and prestressed Concrete                                     (Source from Wikipedia)

Our talented and motivated management team is highly innovative, having reinvented existing foundation practices and developing numerous inventions. Advancements of  Deep Foundations  include: Deep Foundations was the first in India to install secant piles as a water cutoff wall. We were the first to bring hydraulic drill rigs to Surat, India, which are now an industry standard. Unique to Deep Foundations is a pile driving spotter with an on board computer. This invention prevents torsional loading of a lattice boom, and has earned us the rights to an International patent.

Pile foundation, Piling foundation, Foundation piling, Pile Foundation services, Piles foundation design, Pile foundation construction, Piling foundations, Piling services, Piling foundations services

Deep Foundation, Deep Foundation in India, Deep Foundation company Surat

We care about Quality – Pile foundation

Quality is the main motive of our organization. We have employed highly qualified professionals to carry out these services efficiently and in the specified time period. Our team endeavors hard to maintain the standard industry norms and have achieved remarkable position in the market. The team of the quality testers monitors every stage of the organizational activities. The quality testers adopt various parameters to check the quality of our services.

Our Products services:

  1. Pile foundation
  2. Deep foundation
  3. Piling Foundation
  4. Pile Testing
  5. Piling Testing
  6. Pile Integrity Testing – PIT
  7. Dynamic Pile Testing – DPT
  8. Cross Hole Sonic Logging – CHSL
  9. Pile Load Testing – PLT

Our working parameters are mentioned below

  • Efficiency
  • Timely delivery
  • Reliability
  • Planning

Our companies

What is Deep Foundation click on this link: http://www.ekt.bme.hu/ArchEng/Foundations%20%28S-D%29-s.pdf
Deep Foundation and Deign Methods
Click on this link                       http://www.civil.uwaterloo.ca/maknight/courses/cive554650/lectures/Deep%20foundations/Design%20Methods.pdf

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McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Encyclopedia: Pile foundation

A special type of foundation that enables a structure to be supported by a layer of soil found at any depth below the ground surface. A pile foundation comprises two basic structural elements, the pile and the pile cap. A pile cap is a structural base, similar to a spread footing that supports a structural column, wall, or slab, except that it bears on a single pile or group of piles. A pile can be described as a structural stilt hammered into the ground. Each pile carries a portion of the pile cap load and transfers it to the soil in the vicinity of the pile tip, located at the bottom of the pile (see illustration).

Pile foundation, Pile foundation in India, Piles foundations in Surat, Pile Foundation Company,Piling Contractors, Concrete pilings foundations, Concrete pile foundations, Concrete contractors in Surat

Pile foundation, Pile foundation in India, Piles foundations in Surat, Pile Foundation Company, Pile Foundation Construction in Surat, Pile foundation contractor in India,  Pile Foundations design in India, Piling foundation in Surat, Foundation Piles design Surat, Piling foundation design, Pile foundation construction, Pile foundation company Surat, Pile foundation companies India, Pile foundation contractor in Surat,  Concrete pile foundations, Concrete contractors in Surat

The pile and pile cap configuration has provided the basic design solution to the difficult problem of obtaining deep foundation support below areas where poor soil conditions prevail. Poor soil conditions may be difficult to excavate through, and are incapable of supporting structural loads. They are typically characterized by the presence of a soft, compressible layer of clay, high ground-water levels, loosely filled soils, uncontrolled landfills, boulders, abandoned underground structures, and natural bodies of water. By supporting a structure on piles in lieu of spread footings, any adverse soil condition may be virtually bypassed, and adequate foundation support can be obtained at any depth, without the need to perform deep excavation, dewater, and install temporary sheeting and bracing.

Piles are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials that enable a particular type of pile foundation to be viable both economically and structurally. Principal materials are timber, concrete, and steel.

Pile foundations are used to support marine structures and offshore platforms, since they are located over bodies of water. On land, pile foundations are used primarily in locations where poor soil conditions exist.

Read more: constructionduniya.blogspot.in/2012/02/pile-foundations.html

Click on for company Detail  pilefoundation.net


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Pile Testing services / Pile Testing company – Grimtech Surat, Gujarat, India

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We Specialists in pile Testing like a pile integrity testing, static load testing and dynamic load testing in Surat, Gujarat, India Grimtech provides a complete range of site pile testing and pile condition reporting services to the construction industry. These … Continue reading

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