Pile foundation and pile testing services in India

We are leading best services provider of pile driving, helical piling and related services to the oil & gas, construction & infrastructure industries. Our company has rapidly grown through innovative service offerings and industry-leading customer service. We provide piling engineering & load testing, pile driving, helical piling, pre-drilling, and pipe sales & transportation throughout India.

Geotechnical Construction
The safety of a foundation, particularly in low resistance soils, depends largely to what extent the foundation can be tested.

Testing of Piles in compression can be facilitated by using adjacent piles as reaction piles. Testing in tension is usually sufficient since the compression capacity of the pile is always slightly higher than the tension capacity.

Settlement or creep of Piles under service loads is generally very low – usually less than 5mm. In granular soils, settlements of less than 2mm are common.

Tested piles are not affected by the testing process and can be used as an integral part of the foundation system. Testing of our company. Piles is a simple procedure since the jack is axially pulling the centre bar or group of bars.

Our service specialities

Pile foundation (multi storied buildings, flyovers, water-tanks, towers and industrial structures).
Soil testing and thorough GeoTech investigations.
Soil nailing and strengthening of fissured rocks by pressure grouting .
Retaining deep excavation and restoration of distressed structures.

Dynamic Testing & Pile Testing

We are a leading company in modern testing of foundations and materials. At its disposal is an arsenal of testing systems and equipment using the latest technology in Sonic Wave applications, Data Acquisition Electronics and Software, combined with a solid team of experienced engineers and researchers.

Dynamic Testing of Foundation Piles

Dynamic testing is a versatile test for pile capacity, performance of the driving system, and pile integrity. It is gaining wide acceptance in North America and overseas, as an alternative to expensive and time-consuming static loading tests. The procedure for this test is also explained in ASTM Standard

  • Extremely accurate
  • Fast Data turn over
  • Experience personal

Easily performed with completely portable self-contained equipment

Static Loading Tests Foundation Piles

Traditionally, static loading was the most common way of testing pile foundations. There are several accepted procedures to set-up and perform a static loading test, which are explained in detail in ASTM Standard D1143. Recently, another form of static testing, the Osterberg Cell (O-CellTM) testing, is becoming a very popular method for testing drilled shafts.

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Extremely accurate
  • Capable of collecting data at two-second intervals
  • All readings of load and displacement are taken simultaneously
  • Eliminates human errors in reading instruments

Pile Integration Testing (PIT)

This non-destructive testing method is one of the most versatile means of quality assurance when it comes to cast-in-place concrete foundations. It is fast, inexpensive, and completely portable.

  • Cost-effective and fast
  • Detects the extent and location of pile or caisson damage
  • Easily performed with completely portable self-contained equipment
  • Allows the inspection of a large number of piles within a short timeframe

Cross-Hole Sonic Logging (CSL)

This state-of-the-art testing method uses the sonic wave propagation theory to check the material quality and integrity of newly placed drilled shafts, seal footings and slurry or diaphragm walls, and other structures. This method is gaining popularity in the industry for its versatility and reliability.

  • Cost-effective and fast
  • Detects the extent and location of damage
  • Easily performed with completely portable equipment
  • Performed at practically any depth with no loss of accuracy
  • Can be used to check the efficiency of repairs
  • Provides an increased level of confidence in foundations


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