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                Pile foundations are one of the types of deep foundations

We are specialist in all types of pile foundation, Load testing and Soil Investigations. We provide our services in all over India. We have a strong and close team, the friendly but professional manner that exists in our team becomes the benchmark for our relationships with our clients.

We are working on below Projects

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings

Pile Foundation Construction

Pile foundations are used to support the weight of the building on top of them and also to transfer part of the weight of the building to the surrounding soil. A pile foundation is classified as a deep foundation as the piles (also known as piers) are sunk deep into the soil in order to provide more support and stability. They are used when the soil on which the building stands is soft, silty or clayey. By sinking the foundations down past the softer, less stable surface layers of soil, the foundations can find a strong substrate (such as rock). Pile foundations are also used when the foundations are required to carry a very heavy load, or when there are certain site constraints.

How Pile Foundations Work

Pile foundations can be made from different materials such as timber, steel, reinforced concrete, or pre-tensioned concrete. The piles are pipe shaped and are driven into the ground using a pile driver or a shaft is drilled into the ground which is then filled with concrete. The piles are connected by a pile cap and the pile caps themselves are connected by beams made from reinforced concrete. The beams and the pile caps are placed where there are load bearing walls. In essence, the walls rest on the beams and pile caps, and their weight is transferred to the piles, which in turn transfer the load to the surrounding soils.

Pile foundations are only used When

  • There is a high water table
  • Removal costs for the excavated material are expensive
  • Soils such as clay are likely to swell or shrink excessively due to water content
  • Trenches are not very stable and health and safety is an issue

 Pile foundations Design in India

Foundations provide support for structures, transferring their load to layers of soil or rock that have sufficient bearing capacity and suitable settlement characteristics. There are a very wide range of foundation types suitable for different applications, depending on considerations such as:

  • The nature of the load requiring support.
  • Ground conditions.
  • The presence of water.
  • Accessibility.
  • Sensitivity to noise and vibration.

Piling & Foundation work in Surat, Gujarat, India

We install piling ranging in diameter on open sites and in areas with restricted access foundations. For varying ground conditions piling may be driven cased, pre-cast concrete, augered or drilled and in particularly difficult conditions.

You will benefit from our working relationship in many ways:

  • Low or zero mobilisation costs.
  • Speed of work and flexibility of work scheduling.
  • Minimal disruption in continuous process working environments.
  • Noise and vibration control.
  • Health & Safety compliance.
  • Bespoke working methods for specific conditions.

Piling Foundation  substructure

The development of new structures, both commercial and residential, has traditionally been an integrated process. At All Foundations, we provide a seamless operation from the initial concept to the completion of all substructure works. Every foundations proposal and quotation will be tailor made to your requirements.

Our other products

  • Pile Testing
  • Dynamic Pile Testing
  • PIT testing
  • Pile integrity testing (pit)



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