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Pile foundation and Pile Testing Services provider
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Pile Foundations Design and Pile testing services provider in India

Pile Foundation / Deep Foundation design and work services

Pile Testing / Pile foundation / Deep Foundation
Pile Foundation - Deep Foundation
Long bored r.c.c. cast in situ piles upto 1500 mm dia 55 m, using hydraulic rig soilmec SR40 & SR70.
Bcis pile using dmc, rmc, percussion method, shaft dia. 300mm to 1500 mm. In soil & rock.
Auger bored piles/ bored under reamed piles 100mm to 900mm dia.
Precast prebored r.c.c. pile
Bored r.c.c. compaction piles.
Diaphragm walls.
R. C. C. Box pushing.,pipe pushing /horizontal boring using rat hole technique.
Stone columns / soil stabilisation using sand piles / sand drains
Driving sheet piles
Soil and rock anchors.
Grim tech - Pile Foundation expert, is committed to expanding our knowledge and experience in safety, quality, and job execution, through our comprehensive safety program for pile foundation and piles testing projects, we have an extensive fleet of well-maintained cranes, drill rigs, and associated pile driving & Piles testing equipment are thoroughly maintained, and we continue to extend our dedication to safety continue to help our clients meet their pile foundation project goals year after year. Grim tech will help make your project a success. Our professionals deliver the onsite services including the supervision of entire work, project management, and consultancy in planning, designing and complete execution. Owing to our strategic and most sincere approach towards each project, we have successfully completed numerous projects for corporate and industry giants.
Our Clientele
Larsen & Toubro Pvt. Ltd.
Reliance Industries Limited
Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group
BHEL - Bharat Heavy Electricals
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd
Essar Group
Pile Test
Soil testing laboratory/ geotechnical investigation.
Static pile load test upto 2500t load in compression, pull out, lateral.
Dynamic load test of pile.
Pile integrity test using pdi.
Pile Test
Conducting ndt using ultrasonic, rebound hammer, vibration meter, rebar locator
Pile Foundation & Testing
Grim tech provides a complete range of site pile testing and pile condition reporting services to the construction industry. These services include Pile Integrity Testing (PIT); Dynamic Pile Testing (DPT); Cross Hole Sonic Logging (CHSL); pile length measuring and consultancy on the capacity and serviceability of piles.
The Pile Integrity Testing is cost effective and without time consuming services. It gives peace of mind that a pile or shaft is free of major cracks and voids, prior to construction of the superstructure. This integrity test is one of the methods for assessing the condition of piles or shafts. Dynamic load testing is a cost effective alternative to conventional static load testing for a wide variety of pile types
and sites. Instead of costly proof-loading with kentledge or anchor piles, the technique uses a heavy falling weight such as a piling hammer to impart a short duration impact to the pile head, whilst monitoring the pile response using temporarily attached transducers. Cross Hole Sonic Logging is used to detect and defects in concrete structures and in other solid structures such as rock or concrete-rock interfaces.
Pile Integrity Tester' (PIT) For Low Strain Integrity Testing
PIT performs Low Strain integrity testing, also called Sonic Echo or Pulse Ecno Testing. The PIT may be used for auger cast-in-place (CFA) piles, drilled shafts, driven concrete piles, concrete filled pipes and timber piles. It detects potentially dangerous defects such as major cracks, necking, soil inclusions or voids and, in some situations, can determine unknown lengths of piles that support existing bridges or towers.
The PIT test consists of attaching an accelerometer to the top or side of the foundation to be tested. The accelerometer acquires data resulting from the impact of a small hand held hammer (instrumented or not). If a defect is present along the shaft, its size and location can be estimated by analyzing the propagation and reflection of the wave induced on the foundation by the ammer impact. It is also possible to estimate the depth of the pile toe.
Pile Integrity Tester' (PIT)
Pile Integrity Tester' (PIT)
About Grim Tech

Grim Tech is a leading Group of experts, Qualified and highly experienced engineers in the field of Non–Destructive and Destructive Testing comprising of RCC structures, Piles, and have best track record of last forty years.

Design and. Execution RCC Long Percussion bored piles, under reamed, compact piles, steel sheet piles, soil investigation and soil stabilization is our profession and serve all the prestigious clients ,eg, Reliance, Essar, Birlas, Adani Port, Rama News prints, Shapoorji Pallonji, L&T/ECC,GEB, ABB Alsthom of France, Samsung, Daelim,  Hyundai of Korea, ,Telecom, NTPC, ONGC,PWD,Central PWD and Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee.

Non–Destructive and Destructive Testing (NDT) Technology is recognized Nationally and Inter-Nationally. Any High rise, podium tower, chimney, cooling tower, over head tank. Tall or important Structure need to be checked periodically, during and after construction, for their assigned design strength as is in their design concept.

Presently, we conduct static load test on piles in compression - up to 2500T , lateral- up to 200T and pull out up to 900T in any mode(Static, Cyclic, Vibratory, Bi- Drectional  Loadig etc. Dynamic Pile load Test as furnished in IS 2911 Part I , Pile integrity Test.

We also  do NDT using Rebound Hammer” (sclerometro C 181 N”) to estimate the strength of R.C.C. Beam, Column etc. for general classification of Concrete as per I.S. Code 13311(Part2):1992. Secondly using ultrasonic concrete tester model-4600 for detection of cracks, uniformity of R.C.C. Beam, column per I.S. Code 13311(Part1):1992. We observe Vibration using electronic vibration meter, caused by machines which may be harmful to existing or nearby structures. We may collect in-situ concrete RCC- CORE  samples Using Diamond core cutter  and do checking by crushing using conventional methods....

pile foundation
   pile foundation